A New Diet Plan

I originally wrote a variation of this blog Wednesday and then had Mark read it before posting. The conversation went down something like this:

Me: Is the blog ok?

Mark: It’s… about ME.

Me: Yeah. Are you alright with it?

Mark: I guess so… it’s just that… well, the blog is well-written and all, but it wasn’t your best.

Me: Maybe I was trying too hard for symbolism.

Mark: No, that’s not it. It’s that… it wasn’t funny.

Me: You think I should make the fact that you have cancer funny?

Mark: It would be more interesting to read.

Me: Um… ok…


So here’s the deal: Mark went in for what we thought was a routine biopsy, and right before they wheeled him back for surgery the doctor happened to casually mention the C word (and I’m not talking about name calling Game of Thrones style). Not only did the surgeon remove a whole section of cells rather than perform a simple punch biopsy, he also told my in-laws and me in the waiting room that he was pretty sure the tumor was, in fact, cancerous.

Waiting for test results rates right up there with shoving your fingers into a meat grinder so we had a lovely couple of emotionally draining weeks. The waiting game finally came to an end two days ago when Dr. Woo, Mark’s new oncologist, confirmed all of the cancer had not been removed and radiation therapy would be begin mid-February, five days a week for six weeks.


A few years ago I started the process of going through menopause. It was a real dream come true because the hot flashes and ragey mood swings filled whatever room I was in with joy and sunshine and merry laughter- HA! I also started packing on poundage because more fabulous news about menopause is that your metabolism slows even more and just about NOTHING removes old weight, current weight or new weight. Not walking five miles a day, not going on the healthy smoothie diet, not trying the keto diet… nothing, ZILCH. But you know what DOES f’ing work? The Hey-Your-Husband-Has-Cancer Diet. That one has worked wonders on me! The worry and the stress and the all-consuming desire to keep a happy, strong face forward for my spouse has eaten away at my insides and made food less than desirable. YAY!

Mark thought my new diet title was funny. So that’s good.

What he didn’t find funny was my becoming overly attached to a puppy that I was supposed to ONLY be fostering. God’s honest truth, I tried not to bond to Jovie in the beginning, but the longer she’s been with us the less I can see life without her by my side.

In the meantime, Mark’s prognosis is excellent. Dr. Woo is certain Mark will be cancer-free after the radiation treatments. His type of cancer is not genetic- GOOD- and does not spread easily- GOOD.

The only thing incurable in Mark’s life at this point is his wife’s weakness when it comes to anything with four legs and fur (or two legs, a furry chest and a last name that rhymes with Elleck).

If you feel guided to put in a good word with The Big Man Upstairs we’d appreciate your prayers. Much love and many hugs,





I’m so sorry to hear about Mark’s cancer. I’m sending prayers and good thoughts to both of you. I’m also glad to hear you may be a foster failure. You join me in that category … but I have admit it’s one of the most satisfying things you can fail at. Love to you, Mark, and your fur family.
~ Whitney

Well – you managed to share a very emotionally challenging journey in an entertaining way Chelly.
Guess your husband truly does inspire and “get you”
Holding you & Mark in the High Watch, surrounding you 3 – in love & light. ☮️

I’m speechless. I will pray every day for Mark. He couldn’t have a better wife to go through this with. I definitely know about menapause weight. After so many years, I finally found one that works. Praying for you too. Love reading everything you write. Love you! ❤️

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