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Hello & Welcome!

This site is designed with YOU in mind. I’m Chelly Bosworth and my goal is to provide you with a cozy escape into the world of romance, humor and a bit of quirk. Grab a cup of coffee, a mug of tea, or a shot of whiskey and make yourself comfortable.

Most importantly, kick off your proverbial shoes, relax, refresh and drop a comment or two so the community can get to know you. We’re glad you’re here! Much love and happiness to each of you  ~xoxox

Recent Fodder

Un-Loching My Heart

If you’ve been reading my recent blogs you know I started psychotherapy sessions a few months ago with a wonderful therapist I call Rosamunde. Although I hesitate somewhat to blog about the experiences, I am at the same time driven to do so because they can be entertaining. And what writer doesn’t strive to entertain?…

Fond of The Wand

I feel like we all have our little quirks… some reasonable and some not so reasonable, but each of us possess idiosyncrasies unique to our wonderful, varied personalities. One of my quirks that leaves Mark baffled and slightly irritated is the fact that I willingly drive an hour one way to visit the dentist. Mark…

Social Media This Week

Hi Friends, If you’re on Facebook you know there are currently some issues going on over there with post suppression due to community standards violations. The bots are finding things wrong that aren’t really wrong and throwing people into Facebook Jail, or even shutting them out of their own profiles. Between that and Tik Tok…

At The Bar With Eugene

Have you ever met a real life Jessica Rabbit? I have and, let me tell you, she’s glorious. Many years ago I was working as a commission accountant for a commercial real estate firm and my boss was interviewing candidates for an open receptionist position. Since my office was across the hall from my boss’s,…

Hello & Update

Ahhhh, it’s been a long time, friends; much too long since I’ve blogged. If you’re anything like me, your creativity took a hike a few years ago when COVID started. And the longer the shut downs and isolation dragged on the further away creativity trekked. For me, like so many others, illness reached through it…