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Hello & Welcome!

This site is designed with YOU in mind. I’m Chelly Bosworth and my goal is to provide you with a cozy escape into the world of romance, humor and a bit of quirk. Grab a cup of coffee, a mug of tea, or a shot of whiskey and make yourself comfortable.

Most importantly, kick off your proverbial shoes, relax, refresh and drop a comment or two so the community can get to know you. We’re glad you’re here! Much love and happiness to each of you  ~xoxox

Recent Fodder


I have been putting off writing this entry for over three months now. Yes, because it’s going to be painful to write but mostly because I want it to be perfect. And, as I’m human, the following blog is going to be anything BUT perfect. As most of my readers already know, my husband, Mark,…

Day 8

Hi Friends, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend 🙂 Here in Phoenix it was quite rainy and foggy which is weird for our neck of the woods. My little dog, Jovie, hates getting her paws wet and prefers not to peepeepoopoo outdoors when the weather is soggy, so most of our time was spent…

Day 7

I’ve always thought “finding yourself” was such a BS new-agey catch phrase for hippies with too much time on their hands. I can just picture telling the tough men and women coming out of the Depression and/or World War II that they should take a break from life and find themselves. They would have thought…

Day 6

I started the 30 Day Challenge of writing a blog each day with every intention of following through. And then life, as it does, got in the way. The whole premise of any 30 Day Challenge is to make that ‘thing’ you’re honoring an absolute priority, no excuses. That said, this particular blog isn’t a reason or…

Day 5

Mark is now the skinniest he’s ever been and it’s freaking me out. He’s not interested in eating or drinking and has to force himself to do both. Because of fibrosis, swallowing is difficult and because so much of his tongue has been removed, chewing is a burdensome process. He’s tired and disinterested in any…