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Hello & Welcome!

This site is designed with YOU in mind. I’m Chelly Bosworth and my goal is to provide you with a cozy escape into the world of romance, humor and a bit of quirk. Grab a cup of coffee, a mug of tea, or a shot of whiskey and make yourself comfortable.

Most importantly, kick off your proverbial shoes, relax, refresh and drop a comment or two so the community can get to know you. We’re glad you’re here! Much love and happiness to each of you  ~xoxox

Recent Fodder

Faithful Lies Playlist

These are all songs that inspired characters, scenes or ME while I was writing Faithful Lies. Enjoy! *** The Walk by Mayer Hawthorne … http://shorturl.at/fimSX Liquid Lunch by Caro Emerald … http://shorturl.at/vFIOT Your Man by Josh Turner … http://shorturl.at/vKQS9 Feels by Calvin Harris, Pharrell, Katy Perry & Big Sean … http://shorturl.at/dmwE0 Wouldn’t It Be Good…

Take My Money, Random Family

If you follow my blog, you know that my husband was diagnosed with tongue cancer this year and he underwent surgery and radiation therapy. The side effects were… not enjoyable. In addition to Mark’s mouth feeling like it was constantly being bathed in lighter fluid and then ignited over and over with a blow torch,…

You Pull Me Closer to Love

My stepdad passed away seven years ago today. It was easily the worst moment of my life and losing Dad changed me so profoundly that I’ve never bounced back to the person I was when he was alive. There’s a song by Mat Kearney called Closer to Love and it touches me deeply. The following…

My Detective Friends

I helped my mom move this week from my childhood home. It was rather a bittersweet time, but emotion was quickly replaced by panic and the need to get everything packed up and boxed for the movers to take over to her new house. The three guys she’d hired were very nice men- they called…