Romance at a Glance

Hi Lovelies! Below is a scene from ‘Faithful Lies’. Enjoy! xoxoxox


Katya lifted her chin. She and Thomas had nothing in common other than their potent, uninhibited sexual appetites. Surely she could find that elsewhere. California was teeming with wealthy, handsome men who would welcome Katya Vetrov into their bedrooms. She could pick who she wanted and take her satisfaction where she pleased. That was far more powerful than allowing herself to care for one man. One man who had known the map of her body and where every treasure lay, ripe for his taking. And he’d used it against her in the end. Pirating his way across the sea of her desires, pillaging, ravaging, plundering until she had writhed and moaned to the end of the plank, ready to jump into the waters of paradise. It was then that he had pulled her back as his captive, yanking her from the edge of glory and humiliating her. She felt sick remembering the look of disgust on his face as he stared down at her, freeing her from any of the chains that bound them together, uttering words of painful retribution.

Self-righteous anger rose above the heartache of loss and Katya knew she couldn’t let Thomas get away with how he’d treated her. An evil smile flickered over her lips and her dark cat eyes flattened with spitefulness.

“I’m still here, Gregory,” she said to her assistant, her voice brittle and hard. “I’ll meet Gemma tomorrow. Thanks for setting it up.”

Katya threw the phone down and got up slowly, deliberately, a plan forming in her mind. Thomas McQuillan was about to pay for what he’d done to her. And, oh, vengeance was going to be sweet.


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