I Am the Eggman

My best friends, Aggie and Christina, adore my egg salad and I frequently tag them in Facebook recipe videos where people are adding things like celery, artichokes, capers and onions to their egg salad (and one time someone added tuna but that’s just too barfy). Anyway, the girls always tell me via comments not to mess about with my ingredients BECAUSE I MAKE THE MOST FABULOUS EGG SALAD EVER and then random Facebook strangers think I have some magical egg and mayo formula and I get requests for my recipe.

I feel terrible about disappointing these rando people with my five boring egg salad innards: eggs, mayo, mustard, salt and pepper. YAWN. But the real trouble is… I never measure.

Christina and Aggie suggested I write down what I’m doing as I do it and then post the recipe here in all it’s glory… so here it is:

Chelly’s Egg Salad

12 Hard Boiled Eggs, sliced and diced

¾ cup of mayo (I use Kraft)

3 teaspoons of yellow mustard (I think I used the WalMart brand today- super classy)

1 teaspoon of pepper

½ teaspoon of salt (you may want to use less; I’m a salt fiend)

Mix all ingredients together with a big spoon.


Could you toss in other ingredients? YES! And the two links below are the best recipes if you want to get a bit buck wild with your egg salad:

Adding in greek yogurt, dill pickle juice and relish… https://www.howsweeteats.com/2018/04/best-egg-salad/

Adding lemon juice, sugar and Worcestershire… https://www.onceuponachef.com/recipes/classic-egg-salad.html

You can also include vinegar, horseradish, chives, bacon or cheddar to enhance flavor. I wouldn’t recommend tuna. But that’s just me.


While we’re on the topic of recipes- I tried a crazy easy pie a few weeks ago because I was running low on time for a dinner get together. The pie literally took two minutes to make it was DIVINE. Well, divine only if you like chocolate. It tasted like some heavenly ganache had wafted down from heaven and I could have honestly devoured the whole pie if there hadn’t been guests expecting dessert.

Quickie Yummy Pie Recipe I Found on the Internet Somewhere

1 graham cracker pie crust

6 Hershey’s milk chocolate bars

1 tub of Cool Whip

Melt chocolate bars on stove top until liquid. Add in entire Cool Whip tub contents. Mix well. Pour into graham cracker crust. Cover and refrigerate for two hours minimum.


Just an afterthought… I wonder if this recipe would work with other types of chocolate bars? Like could you use one with nuts (Cadbury) or coconut (Mounds)… or could you even add extra stuff like crushed Oreos or candy canes or peanut butter chips? If anyone tries a variation can you let me know in the comments what you used and if it was good?

Have a wonderful day, my friends!

xoxoxo, Chelly


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